Engineering and Computer Science Library Reopens After Renovations

The Engineering & Computer Science Library (ECSL) recently reopened after renovations to increase and improve student study spaces.

During the academic year the ECSL is  bustling with engineering students and study space can be in high demand. Taking advantage of University of Toronto Libraries’ Downsview long term storage facility, ECSL transferred some of its lesser used materials to  allow for the addition of 58 light and airy new study carrels and easier access to relevant reference materials (standards, handbooks and dictionaries).  

Photo of new ECSL study carrels

Photo of LED light in ECSL study carrel

“Study space is at a real premium” explains Acting ECSL Head Cristina Sewerin, “and engineering students often bring their own devices to the library, but haven’t had the space to use them or the means to power or recharge them.” Students can now take advantage of individual task lighting, and recharge phones and laptops using the handy electrical and USB outlets at each carrel. As well, students can relax and refresh between classes on some of our innovative new lounge chairs. The improvements pay homage to this beautiful architectural space in Sandford Fleming Building and reveal the inset wood shelving and paneling of the reference semi-rotunda. 

Photo of reference collection shelving from above


For many engineering students, the paper airplanes on the ceiling were part of the charm of the ECSL. However, students were a little less fond of the ageing popcorn ceilings that held those airplanes. New ceilings, and energy efficient LED lighting, were installed on two floors of the library. The result is a clean, bright space for students to enjoy throughout the main and upstairs central areas of the library.


Photo credits: Ben Walsh, Cristina Sewerin, Jesse Carliner.