Connect from off-campus

If you are a University of Toronto student, faculty or staff member and you use e-journals, article indexes, or other licensed web resources provided through the University of Toronto Libraries from an off-campus computer, you'll be asked to log in the first time during each web session that you use a licensed resource.

Connect via wireless

There are many wireless networks available on campus. The Help Desk provides support for 3 networks (UofT, UTORwin and eduroam).

Connect via UTORvpn (Virtual Private Network)

Graduate students, faculty and staff have secure access to UofT's internal network from off campus for work and study.

Connect via wireless @ other institutions (Eduroam)

The eduroam network at UofT is intended for visiting scholars from other participating eduroam institutions. UofT faculty and students can log in to eduroam at other universities using their UofT credentials.

Connect via other software

(Endnote, Papers, RefWorks)