2 escape room story lines this year at the library! (Free!)

Back by popular demand, the Engineering & Computer Science Library is running two escape room story lines this year!

To play the escape room you will need a team (3-5 players). These events are FREE! One member of your team will need to reserve your spot to play the game using the links below (Note: There may not be a lot of spots left in Oct, to see times in Nov and Dec press the "next" button):

Colourful Carnival (difficulty level: easy-medium): You have just graduated from university and got offered your dream job but the offer will expire in 50 minutes. All that stands in your way is a mischievous carnival clown… can you outwit the clown in time?

Reserve your spot here: https://www.sagenda.net/Frontend/Calendar/5bf80771d6b9322f308b6ce9

Cost: Free!

Zombies in the Library (difficulty level: medium- high): There has been an outbreak of zombie-flu in Toronto. You have 50 minutes to find the cure for the zombie-flu to help an infected friend. Can you find the cure on time?

Reserve your spot here: https://www.sagenda.net/Frontend/Calendar/5d7faed4d560af7474477f07

Cost: Free!

*Please note, our booking system can only send a limited number of confirmations per month. You may not receive a confirmation when you book a reservation.

If you have any questions email: escape.from.ecsl@gmail.com Make sure you arrive on time for your reservation if you want the full 50 minutes to play the game. Come to the Reference Desk when you arrive. Good luck!