The escape room is back... and it’s gone virtual!

The Engineering & Computer Science Library is happy to announce our 2020 escape room (Reno gone wrong: Dinos in the library!) is here!

This event is free!

Time Slots will be offered to Teams based on a first-come-first-serve basis of when properly completed forms are received.

Before filling out the form, ensure that you have read and understand ALL of the information below.

Sign-up form link:

Failure to properly fill out the form may result in a decrease in your Team getting your preferred timeslots. If you have any questions please, email:

Instructions required to fill out the form:

1) Have only ONE member from your Team fill out this form ONCE*. Sign-up is on a first-come-first-serve basis based on the order the forms are received. You will be contacted via email by a library staff member in a few days to confirm which timeslot your Team is invited to participate in. Up to four Teams will be invited to each timeslot.

*If more than one teammate fills out a form for your Team, ALL of your Team's forms will be rejected.

2) Teams should be made up of 3-5 teammates. At least two (2) of your teammates must be a part of the Department of Computer Science or a part of a Department or Institute at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering (or ALL members must be students at the iSchool).

3) The escape room experience will start on the hour. Make sure ALL of your teammates can make it to the escape room on time. Late attendees may not be able to join the escape room experience.

4) The escape room will be held on BB Collaborate. A link will be emailed to you for the timeslot your Team is invited to participate in. You and your teammates can join the BB Collaborate meeting up to 15 minutes before the escape room starts.

5) Escape room answers will need to be input into Google Forms. At least one member of your Team must be able to input answers into Google Forms.

6) All teammates must be students, staff, faculty or librarians of the University of Toronto.

Information you will need to fill out the form:

1) Your Team’s name. This is the name that will appear on the leader board if you are one of the three fastest teams.

2) The first and last name, department or institute affiliation, whether they are an undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty, staff or other, and their year of study (if you are faculty, staff or other please write “seasoned”) for EACH of your teammates.

You will need to input this information using the following format: Firstname Lastname, Department/Institute of XYZ, undergrad/grad/faculty/staff/other, year of study/seasoned

3) Rank of timeslots in order of preference (#1 being your most preferred time slot). Do not include time slots when your Team cannot attend. You can rank as many or as few time slots as you would like.
Invitations to time slots will be on a first-come-first-serve basis based on the order forms are received. If for example your first preference is full, your Team will be invited to attend your second preference, and so on.

You will need to input this information using the following format: #1: Wednesday, October 7th: 3pm-4pm. #2: Friday October 8th: 9am-10am. #3: Saturday, October 9th: 4pm-5pm. etc.

Time Slots:

Thursday, November 19th: 9am-10am
Friday, November 20th: 3pm-4pm
Monday, November 23rd: 9am-10am
Wednesday November 25th: 8pm-9pm
Saturday, November 28th: 10am-11am
Tuesday, December 1st: 12pm-1pm
Friday, December 4th: 10am-11am
Friday, December 4th: 2pm-3pm

If you have any questions, please email: