Library Renovations Are Here!

Engineering library renovation

We’re very pleased to announce that the Engineering & Computer Science Library (ECSL) is currently undergoing renovations to improve and increase our student spaces!


Renovations began on May 9, 2016 and ECSL will be closed during construction. Some services are suspended. We have done our best to minimize disruptions to our students and faculty during this period. We expect the library to re-open on July 4, 2016.


Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements.


This FAQ provides answers to some common questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns:  416-978-6494 or email


Cristina Sewerin

Acting Head, Engineering & Computer Science Library 416-946-4020


Renovation FAQ


When will the renovations happen?

Renovations began on May 9, 2016.


Will the library be open during renovations?

No, the library will be closed during renovations. We expect the library to re-open on July 4, 2016.


What improvements are you making?

·         opening reference collection space on the main floor to accommodate approximately 58 new quiet study carrels, each with individual task lighting, and electrical outlets

·         replacing the ageing popcorn ceilings throughout the central main and upstairs floors

·         upgrading to LED lighting throughout these main and upstairs central areas


Where can I study while the renovations happen?

The Gerstein Science and Information Centre is nearby and has plenty of study space available.


Can I access online library materials during the renovation?

Yes, all our online journals, proceedings, books and other materials such as online standards are available throughout the renovations.


Can I sign out hardcopy books during renovations?

No, you cannot sign out or access hardcopy materials during the renovation. Please remember that you are also able to use RACER to request any material from other institutions during our closure.


Can I keep a book for longer if I sign it our before the renovations start?

Yes! If you signed a book out before May 9 it should not be due until July 15, 2016.


Where should I return books during the renovations?

May 9 - July 3, please return any books you have signed out to Gerstein Library (9 King’s College Circle).


Can I request ECSL materials for intercampus delivery during renovations?



Can I request ECSL materials through interlibrary loan (ILL) during renovations?

We cannot fill ILL requests that require access to ECSL hard copy items. However, we will fill requests that can be supplied with electronic items. NB: our patrons are welcome to request items from other institutions through the ILL system during the renovations.


What about course reserve materials?

Yes, we still have course reserves, but with some adjustments to the service.

Students: you can sign out ECSL hardcopy course reserves, however, you will need to arrange a pick up time with us by emailing or calling us at 416-978-6494. You will need to return the items to Gerstein Library.


How can I get reference help during the renovation?

You can still get reference help in a number of ways:

·         Call 416-978-6578

·         Email

·         Chat

·         By going to the Gerstein Science Information Centre