Tired of gaming? Learn to develop your own game with these e-books!

With physical distancing continuing into the summer and now that the semester is almost over (you're almost there!), you might be looking for a new project. Why not try putting together a video game development team? Game development platforms are more accessible than ever before and can be a good way to connect with others from afar. The library catalogue has many books that can be helpful for developers of all skill levels. Here are a few picks that could help start you out: Augmented Reality Games II : The Gamification of Education, Medicine and Art - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/12965626 Video Games and Well-being : Press Start - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/13167978 Basic Math for Game Development with Unity 3D : A Beginner's Guide to Mathematical Foundations - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/13131871 Beginning Git and GitHub : A Comprehensive Guide to Version Control, Project Management, and Teamwork for the New Developer - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/13163165 Pro HTML5 Games : Learn to Build your Own Games using HTML5 and JavaScript - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/11542939 Virtual Reality with VRTK4 : Create Immersive VR Experiences Leveraging Unity3D and Virtual Reality Toolkit - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/13167991 Python, PyGame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/12971569 Beginning Unreal Game Development : Foundation for Simple to Complex Games Using Unreal Engine 4 - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/13219952 Game Development with Ren'Py : Introduction to Visual Novel Games Using Ren'Py, TyranoBuilder, and Twine - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/12968122 Game Development with GameMaker Studio 2 : Make Your Own Games with GameMaker Language - http://go.utlib.ca/cat/13116254