Trivia Night with the Engineering & Computer Science Library

The Engineering & Computer Science Library is hosting some Trivia Nights this semester. Each night has different topics and questions. Put together a Team (as few or as many players as you want - but probably no more than 5 would be a good idea!), think of a Team Name and sign up!

These events are free!

You will need a Team Name to sign up - we need the Team Name to put you in the correct Breakout Room with your Team.
Your Team Name will be visible to other players. If your Team Name is offensive your registration will be cancelled.
Only ONE member of your Team needs to sign up for your whole team.

Registration links are below.

If you have any questions email:

Trivia Night #1: Tuesday, February 16th 7-8pm (OVER)

Trivia Night #2: Monday, March 1st 7-8pm

Trivia Night #3: Friday, March 19th 7-8pm

Trivia Night #4: Monday, March 29th 7-8pm