ECSL is being renovated!

We’re very pleased to announce that the Engineering & Computer Science Library (ECSL) is currently undergoing significant renovations to improve the HVAC and increase student study spaces (both quiet and noisy)!

Renovations began on August 4, 2020 and ECSL will be closed for the duration of the construction. We expect the renovations to be complete in Fall 2021 although the library’s reopening will depend on Public Health and U of T guidelines and restrictions due to COVID-19.

ECSL’s print collection (books, print journals, reference materials) will not be available during the renovation and ECSL will not be able to participate in the curbside pick-up program currently being offered by other U of T libraries.

But no need to worry! ECSL librarians and staff are available to help with finding information for your research or projects and any other library related support you need.

Here are the ways you can get help:

The following FAQ provides answers to some common questions.


Renovation FAQ

When will the renovations happen?

Renovations began on August 4, 2020 and will continue until at least Fall 2021.


Will the library be open during renovations?

No, the library will be closed during renovations. We expect the library to re-open in fall 2021 barring any COVID-19 restrictions.


What improvements are you making?

  • Upgrading the HVAC to improve air quality in the library

  • Creating two group study rooms and modifying group study spaces

  • Improving and increasing silent or individual study spaces

  • Adding a small classroom for library workshops and other events


Where can I study while the renovations happen and during COVID-19?

The Gerstein Science and Information Centre is nearby and the first floor is open for studying. Other information regarding library study space can be found here.

Once the libraries reopen on September 7, 2021, most other libraries will have study space open as usual. 


Can I access online library materials during the renovation and during COVID-19?

Yes, all our online journals, proceedings, books and other materials such as online standards are available throughout the renovations. Go to the ECSL website to get started.

Additionally, some of our print collection is available online via our temporary emergency access agreement with HathiTrust. You can select the “get help” button in the catalogue record for a book to see if it is available online.

Go our information page about HathiTrustselect

Note: The HathiTrust ETAS ends on September 7, 2021 when the libraries reopen. 


Can I sign out hardcopy books during renovations?

No, you cannot sign out or access ECSL hardcopy materials during the renovation. Please remember that you are also able to use RACER to request any material from other institutions during our closure. Please note: this service will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Where should I return books during the renovations and during COVID-19?

You can return them to the Robarts book drop located beside the main entrance on St. George Street. 

Once other libraries reopen on September 7, 2021, you may return books to other libraries as well. 


Can I request ECSL materials for intercampus delivery during renovations?



What about course reserve materials?

Email to have material placed on course reserve.  Note: hardcopy material will be placed in Gerstein Science Information Centre until ECSL reopens. 

How can I get reference help during the renovation?

You can still get reference help in several ways: