Open Access Journals in Engineering & Computer Science

Open access (OA) is the free availability of scholarly journal publications over the Internet. OA… is royalty-free literature… free of price barriers and… generally considered to also be free of permission barriers, such as most copyright and licensing restrictions (although OA does require that proper attribution of works be given to authors).” CARL – ABRC

There are two types of open access, the first being Gold Open Access where one publishes in a peer-reviewed open access journal, such as the titles published by Public Library of Science (PLOS).  The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) gives a detailed listing of many open access journals. One of the advantages of publishing in an open access journal is that it helps to increase the number of possible readers of an article by decreasing barriers such as expensive subscriptions.

The other type of open access is Green Open Access or Open Access Repositories. Authors use these repositories for self-archiving of articles they have published in peer-reviewed journals with the consent of journal or publisher.  These repositories can be discipline specific or institutional. 


Below is a list of some open access journals in Computer Science and Engineering although many more exist:


Information Technology Journal | Journal of Computer Science  | Archives of Transport | Modern Transportation | Modern Traffic and Transportation Engineering Research | Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering |Thermal Science | Bulletin of Applied Mechanics | Frontiers in Heat Pipes | Theoretical and Applied Mechanics | Machine Design | Modern Mechanical Engineering | Scientific Journal of Control Engineering | Mechanical Engineering Research | International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management | Mathematical Problems in Engineering | Open Environmental Engineering Journal | International Journal of Intelligent Control and Systems | Civil Engineering and Technology | Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science| International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering