Digital Exhibits

The Sandford Fleming Fire: Recollections Forty Years Later

In the early morning hours of February 11th, 1977, a fire ravaged through the Sandford Fleming building at the University of Toronto. While there were no serious injuries or loss of life, the damage to the building was extreme, and the loss of years of irreplaceable research materials was devastating. However, through the smoke and water emerged stories of resilience and quick-thinking, resulting in the salvage of many irreplaceable books and computer tapes. Ultimately, Sandford Fleming reopened in 1982, and continues to serve the engineering and computer science community at U of T to this day. This exhibit seeks to commemorate the 40-year anniversary since the burning of Sandford Fleming, through sharing stories and artifacts from this fateful event.


U of T Engineering Buildings (1878-2018): 140 Years of Stories

This exhibit spans the 140 year (1878-2018) history of the buildings and spaces used by the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto. Some have been demolished, transformed by additions, shifted from other departments or built from the ground up. Associated with many of these buildings are the stories about their namesakes, which are also included in this exhibit.


100 Years of Skule Nite

SkuleTM Nite is a musical revue / comedy / sketch show run entirely by Engineering students at the University of Toronto. It is a professional-level production done entirely by volunteers, put on annually at Hart House (Skulepedia, 

It has been one hundred years (give or take a few) since the first show and this exhibit is designed to let you meander through various aspects of the past and present. 

Godiva Week

Starting around 1979, Godiva Week takes place during the first full week back in classes in January. Celebrating the spirit of Lady Godiva, Godiva Week is a chance for Engineering students to celebrate before diving back into classes. This exhibit features news clippings, photographs, and videos of past Godiva Weeks at the University of Toronto.