Toy Kits to loan from the library

Did you know that the Engineering & Computer Science Library has Toy Kits to borrow? If you are a parent or caregiver who needs to carve out a little extra time to mark some papers, do some dishes or just relax with a cup of coffee or tea then you might enjoy borrowing one of our Toy Kits for your child! If you have a child with an inquisitive mind that likes to explore new toys, then you may want to borrow one of our Toy Kits!  

Toy Kits can be borrowed for the main Circulation Desk at the Engineering & Computer Science Library.  

Each Toy Kit contains toys, books and a printed activity handbook based on a theme. The age listed for each Toy Kit indicates manufacturer suggestions for the toy item with the youngest age. 

  • Age of Dinosaurs (aged 8+) 
  • Exploring Nature (aged 8+) 
  • Super Science (aged 8+) 
  • Construction & Building (aged 7+) 
  • Amazing Animals (aged 6+) 
  • Sensory & Fidget Toys (aged 6+) 
  • Fun with Storytelling (aged 5+) 
  • Pokémon Catch ‘em all (aged 5+) 
  • Unicorn Magic (aged 5+) 
  • Camping & Outdoors (aged 4+) 
  • Farm Fun (aged 4+) 
  • Things that Go (aged 3+) 
  • Cooking & Baking (aged 3+) 
  • Under the Sea (aged 2+) 
  • Little Builders (aged 2+) 
  • Colours, Shapes & Numbers (aged 1+) 
  • Marvelous Music (aged 1+) 

Toy Kit Policies 

  • Toy Kits can be borrowed by any University of Toronto student, staff or faculty member who is a parent or providing care for a child/children 
  • Toy Kits can be borrowed for up to two weeks  
  • There are no renewals on Toy Kits.  
  • Toy Kits must be returned to the Circulation Desk at the Engineering & Computer Science Library during opening hours.  

Because we know life happens, there are no late fines if you aren't able to return the Toy Kit on time, although we do ask that you return the kit as promptly as possible so another child can enjoy it. If you are returning a Toy Kit late, or there is a missing or damaged item, please let the staff know when you drop it off so we can get it ready for the next borrower. Please note: if more than one item is missing upon return, there will be a replacement charge of up to $40. 

If you have any questions about our Toy Kits, please email: or visit the Circulation Desk at the Engineering & Computer Science Library