Need help finding a source for your assignment? Got a question about a book you have checked out?

The APS111 research guide is now online. You can access it here:

We’re very pleased to announce that the Engineering & Computer Science Library (ECSL) is currently undergoing significant renovations to improve the HVAC and increase student 

With physical distancing continuing into the summer and now that the semester is almost over (you're almost there!), you might be looking for a new project. Why not try putting together a video game development team?

As lectures and meetings have moved online, there have been many concerns about security and privacy. Learn how you can protect yourself and “hack the hacker” by reading the e-books below:

Even though our doors aren’t open and you can’t access our normal unstudy space materials taking short study breaks is still important to help you sharpen your focus.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and renovations starting in August 2020, Engineering & Computer Science Library will be closed until further notice.

Some University of Toronto users have received a message purportedly from the Library, indicating that the user's borrowing privileges are about to expire. This message was a phishing scam sent from a fake account.

Amanda Khan (Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering and Medicine), Rahul Arora (Department of Computer Science) and Alina Bykova (Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy) recently received U of T Libraries Graduate Student Exhi

Here’s a tip from the Engineering Learning Strategist! "Rather than just doing a past exam/midterm the night before your test, instead treat it like a pre-test, and do it before learning the content.