Loan Services

Loan periods and renewals

Circulating Books




 Faculty members

 6 weeks

 Three 6-week periods    

 Graduate students

 6 weeks

 Three 6-week periods


 6 weeks

 Three 6-week periods

 Undergraduate students     

 2 weeks

 Three 2-week periods









All loans to faculty members, graduate students and staff will be subject to recall, when a hold has been placed by another borrower, after two weeks of the initial loan period has passed. Recalled material, which is not returned within two days, will be fined at the rate of $2.00 per day. Check with the Loan Services Desk to make sure your phone number and e-mail address are correct. In order to receive library notices (including recalls) via e-mail, you may register online.

You may renew books online by choosing my.account from the Quick Links on any library page. You can also call 416-978-8450.


  • Loan period is 1 week
  • These items cannot be renewed.
  • The pre-1985 periodicals are located in Gerstein 3-Below and cannot be signed out.

Course Reserves and Short term loans

  • Loan period can be 2 hours, 24 hours, or 3 days
  • This items cannot be renewed.

Returning Books

Return books promptly to the library from which they were borrowed.


May be paid at the Loan Services Desk, over the phone using the  First Stop Telephone Services at (416) 978-8450, or online.

  • Circulating books: 50 cents per day, $2.00 per day for recalled items
  • Course Reserves and Short term loans: 50 cents per hour
  • Periodicals: 50 cents per day, $2.00 per day for recalled items

Please note that medical or other documentation is normally required to reduce or forgive fines. Without documentation, fines are normally not excused for the following reasons:

  • Did not renew item on time
  • Forgot the due date
  • Did not receive a courtesy or overdue notice
  • Was not able to renew online
  • Was unaware of library policies
  • Borrowed the item for someone else
  • Returned late by someone else
  • Did not report TCard stolen

Lost Books

Lost books: $145 

Damaged books

Charges will be applied to damaged items.

Pay charges for lost and damaged books:

  1. In person: Visit the circulation desk of the owning library
  2. By telephone: Contact the owning library


If the requested book has been signed out, you may place a hold on it by clicking "Request item" and following the directions or you may ask for assistance at the Loan Services Desk.

When the book becomes available, an email message will be sent to notify you. Materials will be held for five days.

Borrowing Restrictions

If you have too many overdue books or excessive fines, you may not borrow until your record has been cleared.