Copying, printing, scanning


  • The Photocopier is located on the main floor and requires a TCard with funds or use of a Visitor Card (10 cents per copy). Please ask the library staff for the Visitor Cards. Cash can be uploaded  to Visitor Cards or TCards using the Cash to Card Machine next to the Loan Services Desk.


  • The photocopier also has scanning functions. Scanning is free, but requires a USB stick (USB can be borrowed from the Loan Services Desk). 

  • There are 4 flatbed scanners that have been installed in the library, attached to computer workstations. Look for monitors with signs attached on top. Scanning is free, but the work stations require a UTORid.


  • The printer is networked to all public computers. Instructions are available in the library. Cost is 15 cents per printed page.

  • You can also print from your laptop.

Computer workstations & software