Put items on course reserve

Course Reserves / Short Term Loan

The Course Reserve Service (also referred to as the Syllabus Service) at Engineering & Computer Science Library makes online and hardcopy materials, following Canadian copyright law, available to students for current courses. As part of this service, U of T Libraries staff:

  • Review course reading lists to determine appropriate methods for making materials available for students.
  • Purchase or arrange copyright clearance, when necessary and at no cost to you, through UTL Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office.

How do I put items on course reserves?

Email your reading list to syllabus.service@library.utoronto.ca as a Microsoft Word document, PDF, or rich text file along with the following:

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. The course title and course code
  3. The estimated number of students
  4. Indicate if you are using Quercus
  5. For hard copy material/books:
  • Indicate course reserve location as the Engineering and Computer Science Library       
  • Indicate loan period as 3 hours, 5 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours

To ensure there is enough time to process the lists, please submit your syllabus by July (for a Fall course) and November (for a Winter course). For more detailed information on this service, including specific dates for submission of your syllabus, go to the course reserves and syllabus service webpage.

As we receive many requests for readings to be posted to Quercus, required readings are given priority. For recommended readings, we will endeavour to have at least one copy in the University of Toronto library system.

When will the materials on my list be available?

Lists are processed in the order they are received. Please provide your lists as early as possible so that the materials can be retrieved, including being recalled from current borrowers. The library will determine if materials that are not currently owned will be purchased, but please allow at least 3 months lead time for the order and arrival of these materials.

What happens at the end of the term?

When your course ends, the hard copies are returned to the regular collection. If you want the materials to remain on course reserve for another term, please email coursereserves.engineering@library.utoronto.ca.

How can students find material on course reserve?

Physical copies are kept behind the circulation desk in the Engineering & Computer Science Library and are organized by call number. Students can find the call number by searching the course reserves collection within the U of T catalogue. Students can search by instructor, course code or course name. The complete reading list is also uploaded into your Quercus course page where students will be able to access all the electronic readings through the Library Course Reserves link.

Important Information for Students

For reserve material, the following restrictions apply:

  • A hold cannot be placed on these items
  • These items cannot be renewed
  • Overdue fines are $0.50/hour